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Blog posts of '2022' 'January'

Fasting diets: What are the options and what works?
Plate of Healthy Food Image

Over the past few years, you’ve no doubt had your social media feed cluttered with fit-fluencers, health seekers, and celebrity nutritionists flaunting the benefits of fasting diets. 

But are they as great as everybody seems to claim, what are the options, and do they work?

While there is a huge...

How to set new healthy habits for the year ahead
Man Doing Yoga Image

2021 certainly was a year to remember. It was challenging for everyone. And it’s easy to let our healthy routines slip when we’re under stress, managing change, or just needing more comfort and reassurance.

Diet and exercise have taken a backseat for many of us, as we’ve all done our best to get ...